About Us

Emerging in 2020 amidst global challenges, Huw Omid flourished within the embrace of a personal sanctuary. This period of introspection and creativity became the canvas for our journey, inspiring the creation of jewellery that embodies timeless elegance.

At Huw Omid, our designs intricately meld together diverse global inspirations, delicately intertwining elements from both Middle Eastern allure and Western grace. Just as the name 'Huw Omid' mirrors this fusion of Iranian and English, our jewellery reflects this harmonious blend, drawing from the richness of two cultures.

With a dedication to artisanal craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, our brand strives to transcend borders, offering jewellery that speaks a universal language. Each piece narrates its unique story, celebrating individuality while embracing the beauty of a world shaped by varied inspirations.